Lifetime Quotes

lifetime quotes

Everyone says don't judge me, but everyone does.

lifetime quotes

If you want to kill something, kill demon inside you.

lifetime quotes

Life has two shades the second one starts when we relize we have one.

lifetime quotes

Understanding oneself is the most difficult task in the world.

lifetime quotes

Be a person who can see the soul of others, not the face.

lifetime quotes

Nothing is hard or easy, it is you who make things like this.

lifetime quotes

Never give up on your hard work, one day you will definitely succeed.

lifetime quotes

Your uniqueness is not visible to everyone but it is important that you know that you are unique.

lifetime quotes

When you start giving importance to others more than yourself, you are already defeated.

lifetime quotes

Losing your confidence is the equivalent of killing yourself.

lifetime quotes

Do not give up until you are alive, one day you will definitely be at the peak of success.

lifetime quotes

Life is not for spending in wars, start spreading happiness and peace to reduce or end the war.

lifetime quotes

There is very little time to fulfill everyone's dreams in this life, so chase your dreams first.

lifetime quotes

It is not always necessary to choose a difficult path to reach the destination.

lifetime quotes

Having different viewpoints to see the world makes you extraordinary and unique.

lifetime quotes

Being choosy shows that you are smart and intelligent.

lifetime quotes

When a joke starts being bad, it is no longer a joke.

lifetime quotes

Life is for living itself, not for wasting on fools.

lifetime quotes

If the world rests on hope then why don't you expect yourself.

lifetime quotes

Trust yourself to make any decision, not others because they are not in your shoes.

lifetime quotes

The more you expect from others, the more you will get hurt.

lifetime quotes

Luck is not always helpful, hardwork also matters a lot.

lifetime quotes

If you don't love yourself, this world won't love you either.

lifetime quotes

Learn to live this life for yourself, not for anyone else, you will be happier.

lifetime quotes

Your honor is the most important in the world.

lifetime quotes

Life is too short so never regret something that makes you happy.

lifetime quotes

My only motive in this life is to spread happiness.

lifetime quotes

You don't need to prove anything to anyone, just have faith in yourself.

lifetime quotes

I am not an open book, you have to turn the page to read me.

lifetime quotes

If you want to do something right, you should not wait for the right time.

Do not give circumstances to teach you a lesson, be prepared for everything.

The worst day of my life is when I feel like I'm tired.

The worst nightmare I've seen is to give up on the things I need.

My dreams are not my desire, it is my need.

I am dreaming with my open eyes because I know that I can turn it into reality.

Falling down does not mean failure, it means a new beginning to being the winner.

It is good to be childish as long as the situation is under control.

You do not need a blood relationship to trust and love others.

The face may lie to you, but the eyes are always true.

While facing problem just face it with smile, it makes an environment that even the big problems seems small.

I trust you so much that when you said, I started to understand the day at night.

Life is not for loving others, you must know to love yourself.

Only you can love others if you can love yourself.

Your success does not depend on your personality. Personality is a secondary thing, it is more important to focus on the goal.

If you give your best and you fail in the result then this is the time when you have to be better than the best.

Enjoying life does not mean destroying yourself, you should know what is right and what is wrong.

Observing others before making decisions as friends is always a sign of intelligence.

I had trouble walking on the rough road, so I made a paved road for myself.

The only thing that matters the most is your happiness.

Time is short but the goal (target) is big, it does not just happen in sales, it is the real definition of life.

Your life should not be like meeting needs, you should also get your wishes and desires.

Struggle in your life makes you strong, never back down while struggling.

The simple mantra to be happy is to make others happy.

One has to get out of the crowd to make his own identity.

If you lie to yourself 100 times, then that lie also appears to be true, but the lie is always a lie. Try to trust the truth and not the lie because one day a lie will be revealed.

Just as you get time to read, we get time to write.

Life is a continuous process in which you have to face problems knowingly-unknowingly, but it is up to you how you are dealing with it or solving it.

Everybody suggests, the only difference is that one is facing the situation and the others are imagining.

Life lessons are not given by others, you have to experience it yourself.

You should know the people around you because not everyone around you is expressive.

You should never lose those who really care for you.

I don't know the philosophy of life, yet suggest you because I think you really need me like I need you.

Being happy does not mean that I have no problem, the thing is that I have decided not to worry.

Life is like math some times simple and some times complicated.

Nothing is complicated, it is our mind that assures us that things are complicated.

You should always find a purpose to live your life.

I am trying to be better than the best.

Life is like a snake-ladder, our actions decide whether we have to climb the ladder or be bitten by a snake.

Life is like a dice, we have to roll it and no one knows what number will be at the top.

I wanted my life to stop living for others so that I could start living for myself.

The end of my love with life is not the end of my life with love.

You don't have to make excuses to win someone's heart, your holiness is enough.

Not everyone is born a writer, status and passion make people writers.

Start learning from other's mistake also because life is very small to learn from your own experience.

We get a life, then why are you not living?

Money is not enough to live, try not to lose the person who is not with you for your money.

With money you can buy puppets, not humans who have feelings.

Do not go to a place where your value is nothing.

Respect is one such thing, which you will not get forcefully, you must earn it.

Life is no use without respect, earn respect and see life will be amazing.

Being loyal to a partner is one of the best feelings ever.

Only make promises you can fulfill, because it hurts others when you break your promise.

I have lost a screw, I am very worried because it was a part of your brain.

We always remember the lesson taught by the situation.

Walking alone in life can make you travel more distance, but traveling with someone makes you realize how beautiful the path is.

Life is not about how far you have traveled, it is about how much you experience and enjoy it.

Earning money is not so much that you can make your life happy, for this you will have to earn people.

Valuable items are very difficult to obtain, but this does not mean that what you have easily found has no value.

My happiness makes the people around me worry less and it is priceless to me.

Never forget, you received support from priceless to be valuable.

Not every yellow shiny thing is gold, the jeweler is the one who can easily distinguish between gold and brass. Be like a jeweler to differentiate between your friends and enemies.

If you can change your thoughts then your world can change.

Do not change the person, change their way of thinking.

If you are really capable then spend time with your friends and family too.

Find your inspiration. This is what makes life so easy and amazing.

Take your life seriously, joking with your life is not very funny.

I know that you love adventure so God has made you human.

Everyone wants the adventure in life, why do you forget that life itself is an adventure.

Think big, start small. Believe in yourself that your small start can fulfill your big thinking.

Taking lessons from the past and applying it to the future, this is life.

Revenge never makes you happy, it hurts others and makes you bad.

Revenge does not make you different from the person from whom you have to take revenge.

Try to forgive others when they apologize, this will make you feel happy and reduce your burden.

Be a person who is very important to everyone so that people are afraid of losing you.

Life is wonderful with a partner, but there is a condition that the partner should be suitable, who can understand you and whom you can understand.

Live the life you imagined, only you can transform your imagination into your reality.

Imagine as much as you can, it will help you do something unique.

You can easily understand others, including friendship in all relationships.

Nowadays there is an acting school in every corner, beware of people and choose them wisely as your close ones.

If God has given me this life again, I will make the same mistake because I have learned so much from those mistakes.

Exams help you to improve yourself, never make excuses to leave the exam.

Life is a game in which you will not get a lifeline, so take each step wisely.

Every single moment of life has been chosen by you.

If you have tears in your eyes, make sure this is the last time you have cried for that particular reason.

For being together with someone you don't always need love. need and understanding are enough to make people to live life together.

Nobody is perfect in starting, people make mistakes and these mistakes makes them perfect.

You are a sailor who does not wait for the shore, the shore awaits you.

Don't stop now, your dream is also dreaming that you are coming to get it.

Try to be someone's path of life, not snag.

Life is an opportunity to face challenges, receive lessons, learn from them, and apply learning in the future.

I was someone's dream, which has come true today and now it is my dream to make everyone's dream come true.

I don't want to be a clown but still want to be a reason for others to smile.

Always keep pace in the game of a lifetime.

Our fate should not be disturbed by others, only we can make or destroy it.

Trust your actions not your fate, because you can change your fate with your actions.

At the end of my life, I want to say that I have no regrets in my this life.

Successful is only the person who does not lose his family and friends to achieve his success.

Be with those who will support you when you are right and correct you when you are wrong.

Now-a-days there is an actor inside everyone, try to find out if that person is a villain or a hero for you.

Sometimes by letting others win you become a winner, always winning attitude sometimes loses you.

Learn to live your life in your own way, if you live according to others, you will not be relieved.

Your way of thinking determines your way of living.

Those who are counting on you are not fools.

Do not forget that your roots are more important when growing.

Before giving suggestions to others, first try to be in their shoes.

It does not matter how much you are living, just live well.

Those who can smile in trouble, they overcome the problems easily.

You cannot solve problems by worrying and crying, all problems are easily solved by thinking calmly.

To change your current situation, first change your way of thinking.

The vindictive heart never gets happiness because it is full of anger so in return it gets anger.

Do not be unfaithful to those who are loyal to you.

Everyone has time only their priorities are different, be with someone whose priority you are.

I know my priorities that's why I am happy.

I don't take things lightly, everything is important to me so I'm the winner.

No one is responsible for your happiness, it is your inner self that is responsible for your happiness.

If you hate my true self, hate me because I cannot act for your love.

I am very bad at acting so what you are seeing is real.

Your priorities are decided by you, don't say that you don't have time for others.

Your life is your choice, do not regret your own decisions.

You always have a chance to correct the things you are regretting.

Correct your regrets in this life and live with happiness.

Life is simple, we are making it complicated which is difficult to understand by others as well as by yourself.

Some wounds can be cured with medication and others can be cured by time.

Take life seriously but not too seriously, try to understand too here.

Too much too in life make you unhappy and also decrease the value of things

Do not let others decide your own value, create and decide your own value.

Your life is precious, do not let others destroy it.

Before you end your life seek permission from those who have given you this life.

Do not let your enemy understand you and do not allow your friends to misunderstand you.

If you get hurt then cry and then stand as a strong person so that no one can hurt you.

If someone hurts you, it does not mean that everyone will hurt you.

Never punish people for a mistake they have never committed.

You will not get anything by hurting someone's heart, it only fills you with regret.

Thank you to all the people in my life for making it beautiful.

I have no complaints with anyone, thanks for teaching me a lesson, thank you for making me stronger.

Man cannot always inspire, sometimes inspiration comes from a piece of grass.

Relationships are made by heart, business is made by mind.

There is a good connection between heart and mind. The mind has to solve the problem created by the heart.

If you will not love your life, then your life will not love you either.

Unless you understand things deeply, you should have a habit of asking questions.

Asking questions does not mean that you are stupid, it means that you are smarter than your fellow peers.

Your life has value until you transform into another person.

Trust yourself, not others because others may break your trust, but you will never.

Live for your own happiness, not to show others.

Friends are those who will double your happiness and share your sorrow.

Life is not what we see in TV, it is what we see or face every day.

Reality is different from imagination but it is not impossible to make fiction real.

Impossible itself is saying I am possible, so who are we to say anything impossible.

Challenge yourself everyday, it will help you improve from yesterday.

By challenging yourself you can know what you are capable of.

Be competitive. This will help you to know your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Competition does not have bad intentions, it is people who accuse competition for their evil.

Do not go for shortcuts to achieve your goal as you learn more while traveling to reach the destination.

Shortcuts will not give you the happiness that you will get by flowing blood and sweat to reach the goal.

I am not the son of rich dad, but my dad will be the father of rich son.

Never let emotions and spirits end because they keep the family connected and inspire dreams.

Your courage is a way to fulfill your dreams.

You do not need courage to think differently but you need courage to turn your thinking into reality.

Even if you know that you will fail, try because miracles happen where people are trying.

Successful are those who can come out of their comfort zone.

To create your unique identity, you have to leave your comfort zone.

Everyone wants rest, to get their desired rest, first you have to leave your rest.

Be the person for whom people can wait, be special to everyone.

I am not special to everyone but I am special to those who know me.

Your comfort zone will never let you be special and unique.

Learn new things but never give up the things you are good at.

What you are good at is your uniqueness, no matter how small or big it is.

People who are loving their lives are always happy.

Do not let others thinking dominate your way of living.

Live life the way you want because how others want you to live life, is not living.

If you are satisfying everyone then you are definitely not human.

If you are making a mistake then also it is fine, you are human, not God.

Do not be with others, let others be with you.